Write me the diploma …

Writing the thesis – it is very important and crucial time. After all, in fact, intended to illustrate the thesis all the knowledge and skills that the student received during training at the university.

The very writing of the diploma takes a lot of time and effort: a friend of mine at the time of preparation of the defense even tried to leave with his girlfriend, because he just do not have time to communicate with her. The girl showed a proper understanding, stoically withstood a difficult period in the life of a young man, and now these two are happily married.

But in life there are different situations – not everyone can afford a month, and even more laboriously pore over the diploma. Then come to the aid of a variety of business or just individual teachers who specialize in writing diplomas, coursework and essays. I think many of you pay attention to these ads, pasted at the doorways of houses, trees, public transport and even the buildings of universities.

In fact, to find someone who will help with the writing of the work is not so difficult – you can ask around friends or look in the newspaper with the ads. Even easier – set in the search engine magic phrase, “write the diploma,” and thousands of links to choose the one that is most liked. And now you can order a job and buy a ready-made – it all depends on what people want and how much he is willing to pay.

Of course, the dean’s offices do not encourage the implementation of such works. This is not surprising. The most important thing – not a piece of paper with numbers and graphs, and that the person has understood his subject, has some knowledge and can apply them in practice. However, this business is now so successful that a real fight it is almost impossible. As they say, there is a demand – there is a supply.

But, even after receiving the coveted job is once again more familiar with it. Otherwise, the defense may be small and not very trouble – suddenly surfaced from the data to demonstrate RosGosStata complete ignorance of the topic.

Then even a perfectly written paper will not bring positive results, and will, at best, estimates on the “three”. Why would once again take the risk? But in general … no matter how attractive the option “to buy a ready diploma and not to suffer,” it is better to suffer. It’s much nicer to defend his work, not someone else.

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The best universities of the world

By popular request London newspaper «Times» was made an annual ranking of 100 best, prestigious educational institutions in the world. For the second year in a row championship holds Harvard University (higher education institutions in the U.S.). The second and third places were given to British universities Cambridge and Oxford.

Rating was based on several factors, including the view of professors from universities, companies, employers, the number of students and teachers, links to press for research institutions.

British experts claim that such a ranking of universities in 2010 is important not only for students and sociologists, but also for the national economy as well as large international companies prefer to place your business where guaranteed long-term training of highly qualified professionals.

In 10 of the best universities were:

Harvard University (education in the U.S.)
Cambridge (studying in the UK)
Yale University (USA)
Imperial College (UK)
Princeton University (USA)
California Institute of Technology (USA)
University of Chicago (USA)
University College (UK)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

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Should I learn where fashionable?

The Economist:
I am very pleased to have received education in economics. Fashion for the profession does not matter to me irrelevant. My choice was deliberate, and today I am happy to work in this area. The only thing I wish I could change now, after the expiration of the time – is to select a different specialization. I majored in finance, but I would now like to deal with marketing. I also want to note that pleased with the level of training, which gave me an economic institution.

Absolutely no regrets that he received a law degree. This profession has always been considered prestigious. And although all say that there is overproduction of lawyers do not think that will be left without a qualified work. By the way, read the information on the Internet, that in Ukraine for 10 thousand people have a lawyer. Our profession now needs everywhere. Now I know many people who, having, for example, in economics, received in law school – for business lacks legal training, specialized knowledge.

Political scientist:
When I walked in the Faculty of Sociology, the rather weakly imagined future work. Then, ten years ago, my choice was partly accidental. Today, I’m not mistaken. Over time, competition for our faculty has increased. Recently, analyst profession is becoming more fashionable, and many seem promising. The university where I studied, provides an excellent training. The only thing that upset – this is a general instability and lack of literacy in sociology and political problems in the majority of the population. In addition, our work can meet a lot of amateurs who do not have a special political science education.

By education I am – a historian. At all times, and today there are people who are in love with this profession, which is more popular than fashionable. In general, I do not regret that he had received a good education, but today in the specialty practice do not work (apart from writing articles, and manuals). Although I think that if a man loves his job, he has a clear plan for growth (master thesis, work in a certain area on a specific theme), the success, including financial, is sure to come. A fashionable this profession or not – does not matter.
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College, technical school or college?

Education now in the price. Every employer is interested in qualified personnel. However, for a successful job placement is not necessary to have a high school diploma. Today, graduates of technical schools, colleges, schools have every chance to succeed in their careers. They are usually good practical training. Starting to work, they quickly fill up the luggage of theoretical knowledge, but many of the graduates continue their education by correspondence in higher education.

It is known that colleges abroad – it is something prestigious and expensive. Today in our country, along with the usual technical schools are increasingly open such schools. Are there significant differences between them?

Note the general parameters of these two educational institutions.

And technical schools, and colleges are 1 – 2 stages of accreditation, which means that after the students receive the title of Bachelor or Associate.

Terms of admissions about the same: after the ninth or eleventh grade exams candidates for admission to a certain number of points. Education after the 9th grade, usually free of charge. If a person who has graduated from 11 classes, not gaining the required number of points, he can move to a paid department.

It is believed that the college provides a higher level of education, because it reinforced the fundamental and practical training. The College has an extended range of educational objectives: Students may receive multiple jobs at once, the efforts of teaching staff can be re-training of specialists, conducted research work.

At present, worldwide demand unusually skilled worker labor. The former vocational schools (PTU) are called by different names: some are called vocational schools, while others are referred to as vocational schools. Many vocational schools now reorganized into higher vocational schools (SPM). Before the end of PTU people received secondary education and work skills. Today, if behind higher vocational school student, he has 4-6 working level and a license to train junior staff.

How much prized diplomas specialized secondary schools, colleges? It all depends on the needs of the employer. For graduates of vocational schools, colleges, regardless of the profile of education, the requirement of one thing – high level of professionalism.
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Why is it so important to speak English

One of the wise men saw that the man is a man so many times, how many languages ​​he knows. In the modern world, speak several foreign languages ​​is a huge advantage, because there is no need to use the services of an interpreter in many situations: at work, traveling, to raise their own level of education, when communicating in forums on the Internet. Most have studied English in school, but often the level of school teaching is not even enough to maintain a conversation at the household level. Additional English language courses allow you to speak, rather than just vocabulary and learn grammar rules.

If you are still hesitating whether to go on the course, then again think of the advantages offered by the English.

Jobs. In our country there are more foreign companies, which is very important that their employees know the language of international communication – English. It is needed even for the interview and sign the contract. Interestingly, many foreign firms, assistance is not a native speaker, but, nevertheless, all speak English. A striking example – Japanese and Chinese corporations, conquering the Russian market from the CEO to all managers necessarily speak English and require the same from the other candidates for a post. Language courses can be a professional with a special emphasis, for example, sailors, cooks, tourism professionals and services of the beauty industry.

Travel. If you love to discover new cities and countries, the English language is useful as a universal means of communication. Most signs and signs in the language of the country are duplicated in English, so you will not get lost either in Germany or in Thailand. Also, knowledge of the language will help in dealing with foreign tourists visiting our country. These informal places like hostels hotel service in the capital and St. Petersburg are concentrated foreign youth. People are open to dating and friendship, one has only to speak the language of international communication.

Education. All have heard that the education system in our country is experiencing a period of decline. Unfortunately, this is because universities often do not have a narrow specialization in a specific profile, which is in demand in the world of employers and vacancies. European and American education gives knowledge that is necessary for you to the chosen specialization, not wasting precious time on a superficial study of general subjects.

In most European universities teaching for foreign students are taught in English, and for admission must pass a test for language proficiency. So an in-depth study of English for successful study abroad in this case is a necessary condition. The courses can take the exam and obtain a certificate that confirms the level of foreign language without any additional academic tests.

Hobbies. The world of leisure modern people is enormous. Someone fond of collecting, other masters of their own hands, others prefer to attend exhibitions and performances. And the English language substantially expand opportunities for meaningful leisure time. For example, instead of painstakingly painted fabric in the desired shade, you can order it from an online store abroad. Want to go to the concert to a favorite foreign artist? Sleep with his fan club and see the tour schedule and “knock out” a discount on tickets. How many opportunities for fellowship provides international thematic forums and clubs with the same interests!

Language teaching needs. And this knowledge will certainly come in handy in life, they will help to broaden my horizons and meet interesting people.
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Education in Ukraine. Who needs our overseas personnel.

Does it make sense to finish high school in the CIS to continue to act in a foreign university? What are the prospects for graduates of our universities in the EU?

Such questions often asked by our customers traveling to or emigration educational programs.

Very often we hear from immigrants in Germany, that German firms are reluctant to take the professionals who have degrees in other countries, even Russia or the United States.

Why not? Because the German education, as well as German cars, is considered the best in the world.

Because Western employers appreciate their diplomas, certificates, and most importantly, the recommendations received on probation at the time of study.

Since Soviet times our education was considered one of the most powerful in the world.

Universities were given an excellent base for training. And the diplomas of the USSR unequivocally accepted in many countries around the world.

What is the situation now?

Unfortunately, despite the fact that many Ukrainian universities give diplomas of international standard, expect for the future of our professionals abroad is not necessary.

In order for the documents quoted in the formation of one or another country, you must have appropriate arrangements at the state level.
To date, Ukraine has agreed with only some CIS countries – Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia. And also with countries such as Estonia, Bulgaria, China, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.

For employment and recognition of Ukrainian diplomas in these countries do not need any other evidence, no need to take additional examinations of aptitude, need only document the qualifications of the expert.

But in order to recognize our diploma and a career in Europe or elsewhere in the world, you need to go through the process nostrification in the country.
This procedure is different in each country.

Diploma is assessed by special commissions, which analyze the curriculum and qualified graduates. The process is long term and not always, unfortunately, ends with a positive result.

As practice shows, recognized diplomas obtained in only a few universities in Ukraine. And not because the name of the universities of Ukraine about anything do not say western employers, but simply because employers have no idea about the level of training of Ukrainian specialists.
For example, many subjects taught in our universities, not in Western universities, or at best, only close to these areas.

If you decide to still prove their aptitude, you will need:

A. translated into the language of the diploma of the country where you want to work
Two. notarized translation
Three. send the document to the Ministry of Education or the Chamber of Commerce.

After a while you get the answer. In the worst case, you will receive a paper about what your qualifications are not recognized and is not sufficient for employment in this country.

At best, your education recognized and you will get the coveted document.
Unfortunately, very often the recognition of education and training is only a formal character, and besides, many countries understate the level of qualification. Thus, obtaining a diploma, you can often get a Bachelor qualification.

Even after passing the recognition of educational documents, applicants for employment do not have enough basic knowledge to be gained in high school and an internship while studying abroad.
It is also often poor language skills.
Applicants simply can not understand what they require from the boss.
Thus, often can not find work technicians, ie, in an area where there is no need to compete with native speakers.

Employers are always carefully study the documents of prospective employees, and if your place there is a graduate of the university in Germany, for example, the preference will be given to him naturally.
If you want to make a career in Europe, today think about it.
That’s all you can get, the European graduating high school.
In this case, “better fewer – but better.”

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How to pay for education in Ukraine

Coglasno Law of Ukraine “On Education”, the second higher education is paid. So how much they cost?

In Ukraine, the price of a second degree are different everywhere. Study in eminent university is much more expensive than in an obscure. While some universities count the cost of a second higher education by the number of academic hours, which will have to work out the student vtorodiplomniku. Others – set a fixed price, regardless of what discipline will be recited.

Also, some schools offer incentives and discounts, as such, may be encouraged owners of the “red” diploma, honors, and elder groups. Here and there are discounts for military combatants and “Chernobyl.”

A number of universities offering relatively inexpensive education – in the range 5000 USD On average, for the second degree must be reserved by the sum of 5000 -10 000 cu.

Thus, in the KNU. Shevchenko cost of training will vary from 5,000 to 12,000 cu a year – depending on the department and specialty. About the same training, and will cost in the Kiev-Mohyla Academy. In the CPI to obtain a second higher education will have to pay a total of about 5000 USD But in the National Aviation University to get a second degree can be paid for training and 3,000 cu

It is also worth noting that there is a semi-legal way to get a free second education: not showing his first diploma exams along with yesterday’s schoolchildren on the basis of a high school diploma.

First, however, it must be remembered that those who come to college not graduating from high school a year, must provide a copy of the certificate is not, as the original. And secondly, even if all goes well, and no one would guess about this trick, learn to have 4 to 6 years old, and came in second diploma is not always satisfied.
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Modern Education in Ukraine

To date, Ukraine’s High School has 966 educational institutions I – IV levels of accreditation, of which 670 – schools, technical schools, colleges, academies and institutions, and 339 – universities. 82 have the status of national university.

Learning Network provides training for 387 students in 10,000 people. In Ukrainian schools teach 90 500 experts, among them – 7, 9000 doctors and 42,200 PhDs, 7000 professors and 31,600 students.

Innovations in private schools.
Private schools are known for their abstract names, such as the European University, Kiev Institute of Business and Technology, International Science and Technology University. By the way, private colleges specialize in the production of specialists most relevant at the moment of professions: economists, lawyers and programmers. As the experience of private universities, most respected among the applicants are institutions that have chosen a narrow specialization. For example, the university “Step” value for quality education in economics, and the Kyiv Slavonic University Teachers prepares different directions.
Recently, private universities have increased the range of specialist training. Already, many of them offer not only the graduates bachelor’s and master’s programs, but also post-graduate and doctoral studies.

New items for the students.
In an increasingly competitive higher education institutions are increasingly paying attention to attracting potential students prior to receipt. Virtually all public and private schools are preparatory courses for students who are entitled to act on the results of final exams or job interview. Some universities, such as the University of Kiev market relations, the applicants propose to pass a “school of professional self-determination” in order to avoid mistakes in choosing a profession.
Particular emphasis is placed on the practical value of education. For example, many schools initially indicate, what jobs can claim their graduate. For example, the above-mentioned university, advising students, said that graduates of translators can do written translations, prepare business documents and databases, work in advertising, in political and professional organizations, as well as publishing houses.

Electronic universities.
The new direction of education – training in electronic universities via the Internet. This option is distance learning offer Ukrainian students of Moscow universities, and within the country – education center “Quasar-Micro.” It uses the technology of e-learning, ie e-learning, which allows not only to communicate virtually with professors, but also create their own database of electronic textbooks, to implement the system in Ukrainian universities at low cost, training their own teachers, tutors.

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Ukraine and Japan have discussed issues of cooperation in the field of education

23 2012 herbal rock vіdbulasya zustrіch Mіnіstra osvіti i science, the one sport molodі of Ukraine Dmytro Tabachnik Nadzvychaina sytuatsia that Povnovazhnim s Ambassador to the Yaponії Ukraїnі Pan Toіchі Sakata.

Pid hour zustrіchі discussed the power of the memorandum of schodo pіdgotovki spіvpratsyu mіzh Yaponієyu With Ukraine that have sferі osvіti, suchasnogo going to the movi vikladannya yaponskoї Ukraїnі, rozvitku spіvrobіtnitstva mіzh ukraїnskimi that yaponskimi vischimi navchalnimi mortgages povydomlyaє press-service MONmolodsportu.

Pіdsumovuyuchi, participants zustrіchі pіdkreslili vazhlivіst rozvitku partnerskih vіdnosin mіzh With Ukraine in that Yaponієyu galuzі osvіti i я vislovili spodіvannya on plіdne spіvrobіtnitst vo away.
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How many foreign students studying in Kharkov?

18,354 foreign students studying in Kharkov. This suggests that in the 2011-2012 academic year, the number of students in this category has increased.

This information was provided by the Chief of the Education and Science of the Roman Shapovalov. He added: “In the Kharkiv region implemented the international exchange of students from high schools, in particular HNIEU, KNU them. Karasin, KNURE. ”

Head of State of Education and Science Shapoval hoped that the results of the introductory campaign this year, which begins on July 2 and for foreign students finished in the autumn, this tendency to an increase in the number of foreign students in universities of Kharkov preserved.

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